Popular Private Client
My role:
Creative Direction 
In collaboration with internal leadership, we orchestrated a brand development workshop, however, our most enlightening revelations emerged from comprehensive interviews with a select group of ten high-net worth clients from Popular Bank, and a meticulously targeted survey engaging over 1,000 respondents. The challenge presented was to sculpt a brand imbued with unique colors and patterns, exuding elegance and intrigue.

The final concept we crafted is aptly encapsulated in the term “Affordable Lux," and is underpinned by the slogan, “Financial Wealthcare.” This direction crystallizes the custom-tailored approach of Popular Private Client's commitment to fostering clients' financial growth in a relatable manner.

My contribution to this rebranding initiative extended beyond honing a more defined brand strategy. I developed comprehensive brand guidelines that included a revitalized logo, a more expansive color scheme, modernized typography, and an extensive collection of creative illustrations. Furthermore, I spearheaded the redesign of their website to more effectively communicate the brand’s bold new manifesto.